Thursday, July 16, 2009

Corner with Love - 轉角*遇到愛

Would you feel sorry for Paris Hilton if she lost all her monetary possessions and really had to live a simple life? Probably not, but if you watch Corner with Love you may develop some sympathy. Xin Lei is a girl that comes from a wealthy family and is engaged to Lu Jia Xin, son of another wealthy family, but everything changes for her after an accident. Qin Lang is a struggling artist from Taiwan that goes to Shangai to pursue his dream. Fate has it one day as Xin Lei’s driver was on the road and Qin Lang on his bicycle happened to be on the same corner that they collide. Luckily it was a minor accident with no injuries, but Princess Xin Lei feels that it’s Qin Lang’s fault for not watching where he was going and vice versa. They didn’t think they would ever see each other again, but it is a small world after all. Xin Lei has a rude awakening when her parent’s leave to go in hiding without saying goodbye because their company goes into bankruptcy. They left her with only a plane ticket to Taiwan and a key. Feeling even more abandoned, her fiancé was forced by his parents to break off their engagement as well. With no one and nothing left, she leaves to go to Taiwan thinking that the key her parents left her was to a fancy vacation resort, but it turns out to be a shack that is already occupied by Qin Lang and his grandmother. With a bad taste still lingering from the bike/car accident the two struggle to get along. Xin Lei has a lot to overcome with the new lifestyle she needs to have and the shock of losing her parents. Qin Lang understands her pain and even though he can’t stand her rich girl stubborn attitude, he helps her along the way. The events that happen during the time they are together and develop their relationship are a mixture of comical and touching emotions. Her fiancé still cares about her and after months have gone by helps her reunite with her parents. Will Xin Lei return to her princess lifestyle or has she enjoyed the simple life? Corner with Love is a drama with good actors, great music, and a very sweet storyline. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I rate this drama 5 out of 5.

Release Date: January 2007

Episodes: 16

Main Cast:

Show Luo as Qin Lang
Barbie Hsu as Xin Lei
Lu Jia Xin as Cai Xiao Yang
Dean Fujioka as An Teng Feng


  1. phew...nice reminiscing the there no any part two of this corner with love....

  2. i love the movie,it only proves that love is the greatest gift of all and when it comes to love you don't count the cost.are they not reel and real sweethearts of today?

  3. part two,please.............this 2010.............

  4. anyone knows wad is the product name of the puma shoe that appeared in the show? Thanks.